Value-optimised project and
property management

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Manage over NOK 10 billion
in commercial property

450 000 m2 under

Technical due diligence
for 200 properties

Secure technical management 

We take integrated responsibility for all technical disciplines in our fund mandates. Our technical team has built up its own systems related to purchase, operation, management, development and sale of properties. Experience from several hundred properties across segments throughout Norway equips us to operate and manage efficiently and professionally. We therefore optimise the value of our property from the time of acquisition until it is sold.

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Shared costs

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Technical due diligence

Administration, operation, maintenance and development documentation

    Our priority areas

  • Sale-ready properties
  • Closeness to and ownership of the assignment
  • Satisfied clients and tenants
  • Predictability and control
  • Volume benefits

Let us manage your project

Our project team provides internal and external services related to the development of commercial property, including advice, planning and project follow-up. All our assignments are executed on the basis of financial and commercial understanding. Solid professional expertise, access to tools developed in-house, and broadly-based experience equip us to undertake complex projects for you. We manage your project in a way which creates value.

Meet the team

Our project and management team comprises qualified personnel with long experience of property management, development and project management.