Leasing process to create value

Our leasing process is expertise- and analysis-driven. Using our continuously updated database and analysis tool gives us an overview of potential tenants for your object.

Leasing process

1. Goal

2. Organisation

3. Market analysis

4. Strategy

5. Concept development

Involving and innovative technology

Making the right use of new technology provides a competitive edge when letting a property. With its six-metre-long interactive wall, the UpGrade Room on the fifth floor of our premises is where people, processes, technology, and physical and virtual spaces meet. We bring together our clients, potential customers and other partners here for effective and involving processes. 

A complete service

We assemble an appropriate team of internal and external resources for each letting process. A broad range of partners allows us to ensure an optimum process in every phase.




Interior designer

Legal adviser

Media agency

Leading-edge marketing

When a letting process kicks off, we always perform a conceptualisation of the property based on analysis and goals. Committed and proactive estate advisors utilise our internal databases to seek out potential tenants. The property is also marketed through our leading digital market package, which can supplemented with analogue activities. This package comprises purposeful channel choices in order to secure qualified enquiries. Outcomes are reported in accordance with a specified timetable.

We are always at the leading edge of new technology, and provide involving and innovative 3D and interactive tools. We offer everything from floor selection to HoloLens.

Documented results over time
in all segments

  • Rådhusgata 5

  • Calmeyers gate 1

  • Sørkedalsveien 8

  • Vollsveien 6

  • Tollbugata 8

  • Fridtjof Nansens Plass 4

  • Fridtjof Nansens Plass 7

  • Tordenskiolds gate 2

  • Bolette Brygge 1

  • H.Heyerdahls gate 1

  • Nydalsveien 18-24

  • Strandgaten 4-8

  • Strømsveien 96

  • Karenslyst Allé 20

  • Haakon VIIs gate 1

  • Klingenberggata 5

  • Tjuvholmen allé 19

  • Bryggegata 7




A competent team with complementary and versatile backgrounds

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