Launches new UNION.NO today

UNION is building digital relationships with a new platform.

UNION.NO goes from being an information-oriented website to an interaction-oriented platform for customers, collaborators and employees.

The platform is structured around which tasks will be performed and become the hub of leasing, sales, marketing and communication work for UNION.

-UNION will provide valuable insights that address the customer's needs throughout the customer journey and invite to action. Investors, owners, tenants and partners have had a platform where we will interact with increased value creation. Our employees have got a whole new digital tool that becomes the core of the work processes, digitally first, says Karin R. Hagen, marketing manager of the UNION Gruppen.

Bente Sollid Storehaug from Wizaly has been working with UNION for over a year to optimize the digital experience for customers, collaborators and employees of UNION.

- It has been incredibly exciting to lead the work of realizing a digital platform for UNION. A static brochure web has now been replaced with customer-friendly functionality. At the same time, this promise means that all business areas get a more active relationship with the use of the service. This is the first phase of development, and there will be launched more services later this fall, says Bente Sollid Storehaug from Wizaly Nordic.

Bente has worked closely with the technology company Plyo in this work.

-Our new platform will build the important digital relationships and create trust between customers and UNION. We see that the digitization process we have been through over the past year has already created value in business development, innovation, efficiency and positioning, says Øystein A. Landvik, CEO of the UNION Gruppen.

For questions, contact Karin Hagen, Marketing Manager UNION Gruppen. hagen@union.no / +47 90 03 24 12