A full service property company

We are an independent, leading player in the Norwegian market for commercial property. The services we offer relate to investment management, commercial property brokerage and research.

We are an expertise-based group whose people are driven by creating value for society, the environment and the owners in a responsible manner.

We create value of property.


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As a group, we are dependent on sustainable development in an economic, environmental and social sense. We are aware that our decisions have an impact beyond the financial sphere, and will therefore always take account of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects when making our choices for investments, services and operations.

Your career is our future

We are always looking for people with expertise in and commitment to commercial property. Securing new energy, new people and supplementary expertise is the only way we can constantly modernise ourselves and meet the future in the best possible manner.

A history of expertise and commitment

Ever since 1984, we have wanted to be a significant player in Norway’s commercial property sector. Get to know our history up to the present.

A board with a long-term view

Our job is to create value from property. We concentrate on the long term and on sustainability. Our board of directors plays an important and active part in maintaining this focus.

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