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UNION is an asset manager in the Norwegian market for commercial property, established in 2004. We have license from the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority to manage alternative investment funds (AIF). We invest capital on behalf of pension funds, large institutions and professional individuals. Our services include asset and property management. 

With a team of 35 people, we manage a portfolio of property funds worth NOK 21 billion which cover a range of risk profiles and yield targets. We take integrated responsibility for all disciplines in our fund mandates, including purchase, operation, management, development and sale of properties.


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Number of transactions

Transaction volume
70 billon

Detailed investment process

As a key player in the Norwegian real estate market, we have excellent overview and insight. Combined with long-term acquisition data, market insights and a highly competent investment team, gives us a good starting point for finding attractive investment objects. We have analysed more than 1 000 properties during recent years, and have carefully selected objects for our funds. Involving all in-house disciplines when we make new investments provides assurance for you as an investor. In this way, we acquire a very good overview of a property’s technical, market-related and commercial characteristics before we invest.

Added value through active
property management

The management phase begins even before we acquire a property, since our asset and technical management team is involved from an early stage in the transaction process. This contributes technical expertise related to commercial and operational aspects of the property. Thereby ensuring a seamless transition to our internal specialists who will follow up the investment. We create added value by being an active owner who releases unutilised potential in the properties.

Personal investor follow-up

Our investor relations team is an important partner throughout the investment process. 

The fund management team reports commercially and financially every quarter on UNION's investor portal. 

We hold an annual investor meeting for investors. This is a professional and social forum to get to know the people of UNION, the properties in the funds and our investor network.