From market report to research portal

We have experienced substantial changes in our market. We are therefore adapting our research service to make it more flexible and relevant for our clients.

M2.union.no has now been converted from a market report published twice a year to a dynamic research portal. This will give you constant access to updated analyses, data and insights.

The change means we’re reducing the number of channels we communicate through. We will be 100 per cent digital, and no longer produce printed reports.

However, our market coverage will be at least as broad as before. We have also put a lot of effort into giving the analysis portal the same structure as our previous market reports, so that you can easily locate the chapters you’re used to:

  • Macro
  • Financing
  • Transaction market
  • Office rental market in Oslo
  • Market for flexible workspaces
  • Segments: office/retail/logistics/hotel/residential
  • Cities: Bergen/Trondheim/Stavanger

All articles are categorised and date-stamped in the archive. M2.union.no will now be a complete portal for commercial property research, which is always up to date.

Get full insight into the Norwegian market for commercial property here.