UNION launches new and unifying identity

As part of a strategic process, we are launching our new visual identity today.

In addition to coming across in a clear and updated manner, the UNION brand will be experienced in a more unified way as a single identity which describes who we are and what we provide. We will become manifest as the preferred property partner with committed, trustworthy and creative personnel.

The need for a broader toolbox has been perceived by us as a group and by our business areas for capital management, commercial property agency and research. During this process, it has been important to build further on our strong brand as well as retaining key elements in the logo and blue as our primary colour. The existing typography has also been kept.

With an adjusted colour palette, a new image bank, illustrations, animations and description of our tone of voice, we have obtained a toolbox with guidelines which help to ensure that all communication can be conducted purposefully and efficiently in every channel.

New logo
We have looked to components in our old logo when developing the new version. We are highlighting the letter “U” as a symbol and including combination/union, property and the other distinguishable capital letters in our new logo. 

The logo is built up from components which hint at buildings, property and the city, and also symbolise interaction and circularity. These are all important parts of our business.

Each of our companies has previously had its own logo. We are now bringing together our whole group under a single logo in order to clarify that we are one UNION. At the same time, the new visual identity gives each of the companies the opportunity to express their own distinctive character through text, colours and illustrations.

 Head of Marketing Karin Hagen comments:
- We’re taking UNION into the future with a modernisation of our trademark. The goal of the project has been to secure a better overall visual identity in all channels, with the emphasis on the digital interfaces, as well as to reinforce our position as the leading expert on commercial property in Norway.