UNION strengthens team in response to growth in its business areas

Partner Lars Even Moe has taken over as head of UNION Eiendomskapital in succession to Johan Hamre. At the same time, partner Erlend Aagesen has taken on the leadership role in UNION Norsk Næringsmegling from Frithjof Foss. These changes apply from 1 June.

“I’m pleased Lars Even and Erlend will be heading two of our business areas,” says Øystein A Landvik, CEO of UNION Gruppen. “I’m sure both of them will make their clear mark on the organisation and develop these companies in line with the market we operate in.”

The following changes and new appointments are being made in the companies.

UNION Eiendomskapital (UEK)

Partner Lars Even Moe took over as general manager of UEK from  1 June. He has 25 years of experience with investment in commercial property.

“I’m looking forward to taking responsibility for capital management in UNION,” says Moe. “We have a strong and experienced team which will work together to deliver a return to our investors. 

“In June, we completed raising capital for our UREF III value-added fund, and attracted NOK 2.2 billion in equity. We’re in the process of launching several funds, and the capital management team will be further developed in line with this. We look forward to a very active market in the future.” 

Ragnhild Bøe and Hanna Killingstad, who have participated in UNION’s trainee programme over the past 10 months, have become permanent employees with effect from 1 June. 

Killingstad will work as an investment analyst in the transaction team, analysing potential property transactions which are being assessed for the funds as well as assisting with purchases. 

Bøe has become an asset management analyst. She will work on leasing and projects for tenants, in addition to preparing and supporting the sale of properties from UNION’s funds.

In addition, the company has recruited a new highly experienced resource person who will be joining it in September.

UNION Norsk Næringsmegling (UNNM) 

After four years in charge at UNNM, Frithjof Foss wants to focus more on his own clients and on leasing. He has taken over the role as head of the leasing team.

UNNM is a partner-led company where the general manager role rotates between the partners. Erlend Aagesen took over this position on 1 June. He has worked on the transaction team since 2011.

“I’m looking forward to taking on a more senior management responsibility for property broking in UNION in addition to providing transaction advice,” says Aagesen. “We have a very good team for both transactions and letting.

“With a high level of activity in both departments, we’re continuously assessing opportunities to strengthen our position further by recruiting new and complementary expertise.”

The company has also strengthened its transaction team with Thor Olav Bogen and Marius Bye. Bogen has been part of the letting team since 2018, while Bye has four years of experience from the analysis and letting team while pursuing MSc studies at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

UNION Gruppen (UG)

Birgitte Winther has been appointed as general accounting manager at  UG from 1 September. She has a BSc in economics and administration from the NHH and is an authorised public accountant. With more than 30 years of varied work experience in economics, accounting and administration, Winther has particular expertise from a private investment company and the securities sector.

 Vacancies for analyst, leasing adviser and trainees for 2022-23

UNION currently has vacancies for an analyst in its analysis department as well as an adviser post in the letting department. The group will also be starting recruitment in September for its annual trainee program in 2022-23.